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Amble Nano Pouch (Summer)


Amble Nano Pouch (Summer)


Do you ever feel the need to bring both a waste bag holder, and a treat pouch? Well look no further – the Amble Nano Pouch is all you need. Not only it is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also carry the important things you need for your walk! Designed for both humans and Haiwans alike.


The Nano Pouch features:

  • Dual compartments – upper compartment (7cm) to store your essentials (keys, treats, etc) and bottom compartment (4cm) to store your waste bags
  • Designed to be a compact solution, but still provides the right amount of space to fit your belongings
  • Gold metalware – so it can be stylish, and functional at the same time


This design is an original and has been registered legally.


Note: this product only comes with a backpack, and 1 carabiner ring. Harnesses and leashes are not included.

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