Arkika Blue Harness & Leash Set

Haiwan's Blue Harness & Leash Set starts from RM 99!


Small: RM 99 (RM 119 with brass engraving)

Medium: RM 109 (RM 129 with brass engraving)

Large: RM 119 (RM 139 with brass engraving)

Arkika Blue Harness & Leash Set

PriceFrom RM99.00

Matching ergonomic pet harness and leash set that is also easy on the eyes? Yes please! Introducing our gorgeous range of high quality PU waterproof harness, which comes with a matching leash and a handy bangle grip. We carry 3 different sizes to fit most Haiwans.


The bangle grip is useful when you want to walk your Haiwan whilst multitasking, as you can wear it like a bracelet with your hands free! It's also extremely lightweight as it's crafted from plastic. Notable detail: matching gold buckles and leash hooks!


Optional add on for RM 20: Have your Haiwan's name (not more than 10 characters including spaces!) engraved onto an elegant brass plate to create your very own bespoke harness. The name will be presented in all capitals only and is engraved solely by hand, hence imperfections are to be expected. As an alternative, opt to have your phone number engraved on the brass plate instead (maximum of 11 numbers - no spaces), so you'll never lose your pet again!