Concrete Dezign x Haiwan Feeder

Concrete Dezign x Haiwan Feeder starts from RM 89!


S: RM 89

L: RM 109

Concrete Dezign x Haiwan Feeder

PriceFrom RM89.00

We're so excited to unveil our joint collaboration with Concrete Dezign - renowned for their handmade concrete accessories in Malaysia. Introducing our feeder bowl - beautiful, functional, aesthetically pleasing. One of a kind.


The textured ceramic bowl is elevated by the beautifully raw concrete tray, helping your Haiwans strain their neck less as they feast. This is especially important to your aging Haiwans as well, as we believe in comfort as your Haiwans carry out their daily routine.


Available in 2 sizes to cater for most Haiwans.