Diamond Choker Collar

Haiwan's Diamond Choker Collar starts from RM 35!


Small: RM 35

Medium: RM 40

Large: RM 45

Diamond Choker Collar

PriceFrom RM35.00

Your Haiwan wears a collar almost 24/7 in their lives. We think it's important that the collar is an extension of your Haiwan's style.


As it can be so difficult to find beautiful pet collars in Malaysia, we'd brought you an exclusive collection of collars from around the world. Due to it's handmade nature, each collar will vary slightly from the rest, and comes in very limited quantities only.


Diamond Choker Collar is crafted from gorgeous faux diamonds - ideal for the pampered Haiwan! The bone charm is removable. It features a chrome buckle with adjustable neck girths, and is slightly stretchable.