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Eco Pot Cat Grass


Eco Pot Cat Grass


An essential staple to your Haiwan's diet: cat grass! It's a grass mixture that is grown from seeds, such as wheat, barley, oats or rye. It helps your Haiwan push out hairballs more easily, and helps with their digestive system too.


This beautiful, reusable eco pot can be hung, or placed directly on a flat surface. Grow your own cat grass - it's so easy! Enough seeds and soil are provided to grow 2 - 3 batches of cat grass. Your Haiwan will be able to enjoy their cat grass in 1 - 2 weeks time, if it's grown under favourable conditions! Be sure that the soil is always moist, and that your pot gets plenty of sunlight. This is suitable to be placed indoors.


The eco pot is crafted from wool on the outside, with little wooden rings as its handle. The inner permeable material prevents water from leaking while promoting the soil's breathability. Available in charcoal, olive, taupe and brown.

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