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Gotefriend Adjustable Harness Leash

Starts from RM 178


S / M: RM 178

M / L: RM 198

Gotefriend Adjustable Harness Leash

PriceFrom RM178.00

Ready for a walk? The Adjustable Harness Leash is a two-in-one tool that makes it gentler and safer to pace your pet during walks. Secure your furry friend and prevent them from escaping or pulling in a gentle, pain-free manner. 


By using the dog’s own pressure against itself, the Adjustable Harness Leash gently tightens around the dog’s body when it pulls and relaxes when the dog relaxes - effectively discouraging any pulling. The design evenly distributes pressure across the chest, making it less painful for our furry friends. 


Only use the leash as a walking tool, not as a tool to hold your pet in a single spot. 

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