Grey Mesh Tent


Grey Mesh Tent


Say yes to a pet tent that prevents mosquitoes and other annoying pests from getting to your Haiwan! This gorgeous Grey Mesh Tent features super plush and comfortable luxe outer upholstery lined with inner black mesh.


It's extremely breathable (due to the inner mesh), hence suitable for malaysian weather. The base of the tent & cushion is lined with canvas to maintain it's shape. You'll love it's functioning mesh curtains with matching ribbons.


What you'll receive:

  • 1x grey mesh tent
  • 1x super comfy inner cushion


You know how sometimes your Haiwan needs privacy as well? Another unique characteristic of this tent is that your Haiwan can see you from inside, but you cannot see them through the pom pom windows. That's right, the tables had been turned.