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Hands-Free Rope Leash (Yellow)


Hands-Free Rope Leash (Yellow)


Need a free hand to hold your coffee? We got you covered. Our hands-free rope leash range is designed to free your hands, whenever you need them!



  • Hands-free capability
  • Adjustable design with O-rings for multiple configurations (Over the shoulder, around the waist, or as a standard leash)
  • Strong, durable cotton rope
  • Total length of 2.2m – the extra 0.2m will help to account for much smaller Haiwans, and also taller humans
  • Gold metalware – which is pleasing to the eyes
  • Features a permanent O-ring in the middle - if you have a big dog / heavy puller, please use this feature, as this is specially designed to sustain all types of weights
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