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Lite Leash (Taro)

Lite Leash starts from RM 79


S: RM 79

L: RM 109

Lite Leash (Taro)

PriceFrom RM79.00
Make walks fun again - Gentle Pup's Lite Leash provides a good grip for you, and full freedom for your Haiwan. Comes with a secure locking carabiner hook to attach to your Haiwan’s collar, with 360-degree rotation for ultimate flexibility. Features a fold-over tab with rivet and debossed logo. 


For maximum comfort, the large leash handle is padded to alleviate sudden excitable tugs.


With fun colour combos that match any coat, this is one minimalist range that’s here to steal hearts in a big way - you’ll find yourself reaching for these go-to staples over and over again. Until you reach for another shade, of course. Available in Camelia, Taro, Cornflower, and Pistachio. Matching harness and collar available as well!

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