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OLLA Petite Pet Carrycot

OLLA Petite Pet Carrycot

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Designed by Lambwolf Collective, OLLA is named after the wide mouthed earthenware, and is a lightweight carrycot designed for extra small pets up to 5kg. It provides a portable and comfortable space for your little one. The design makes it perfect for a full day's stay in an office, a daycare, sleepover at a friend's home, or naps during travels. OLLA is lightly padded and can be used as a sling bag for short commutes. A safety belt inside can attach to a harness or collar.



This ultra soft cushioned cot provides a cuddly and secure space for pets who loves to sleep in a curled up position. 



The cot is made out of breathable nylon Lannel fabric. The cushions are reversible so that it can flipped between the cooler nylon side or the warmer fluffy side.



The cushion is removable, and both the cushion and the cot are machine washable. Wipe to clean the water-repellent Lannel. The nylon fabric makes it easy to care for during shed season.

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