Shark Pet Lifejacket

Haiwan's Shark Pet Lifejacket starts from RM 79!


Small: RM 79

Medium: RM 89

Large: RM 99

Shark Pet Lifejacket


Hydrotherapy works wonders on senior or big-boned Haiwans. It uses the properties of water — buoyancy, viscosity, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure — to enable animals to move their joints, which would otherwise be difficult on land. Hydrotherapy is great for post-surgery care!


Swimming is also an interesting sport to take up - your Haiwan may very well love this activity.


In any case, safety comes first! Introducing these super cute Shark Pet Lifejacket, which keeps your Haiwan afloat in style. From big to little Haiwans, we have 3 sizes to cater to your needs.


Key points:

  • Strong handle to lift your Haiwan up from the water
  • Large patch of velcro for easy dressing
  • D-ring to attach your leash on, so you can guide your Haiwan in the water
  • Quick release buckle
  • Adjustable buckle lengths (for fluffy tummies)