(Preorder) Sling Pet Bag

(Preorder) Sling Pet Bag


This is a preorder item! Sling Pet Bag is expected to arrive by mid November 2020. We'll send your order out as soon as we receive it. Order away!


This soft and snug Sling Pet Bag is the perfect companion for humans who like to bring their Haiwans around town whilst multitasking!


It features a wide shoulder strap that helps distribute your Haiwan's weight evenly. Not to mention your shoulders will no longer have thin strap bruises after a day out with your Haiwan anymore! Also comes with a magnetic button closure in the middle.


It comes with a built-in collar hook to secure your Haiwan in place whilst you bring them around. It will be just like carrying a baby, as your Haiwan will be strapped securely to your chest! It also functions as a sling bag when your Haiwan is not inside.