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Tinkerbell Harness & Leash Set (Dusk)

Tinkerbell Harness & Leash Set starts from RM 79.


S: RM 79

M: RM 89

Tinkerbell Harness & Leash Set (Dusk)

PriceFrom RM79.00

Small Haiwans, the time is now! This is about as lightweight as a harness can get - your Haiwans are almost fluttering. Specially crafted for tiny Haiwans in mind, as we understand it can be extremely tough to look for a beautiful small Haiwan harness.


Tinkerbell consists of a mesh bow in alluring colours, accompanied by dreamy butterflies, and a matching leash. It features a buckle closure, and adjustable neck and chest lengths.


Available in 2 sizes, and in Dawn as well!

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