Unicorn Pet Nest

Unicorn Pet Nest


It's in every Haiwan's nature to burrow into things - that's why cats are curious and dogs are always getting into trouble! Having a nest makes them feel safe, especially if your Haiwan has anxiety issues and is nervous about meeting new people or situations. A nest provides them a place to run to that is a safe haven for them.


A nest is supposed to feel snug - just like a cave moulded especially for your Haiwan - so they get a sense of security and privacy. Introducing our beautiful Unicorn Pet Nest!


What you'll receive:

  • 1x unicorn pet nest
  • 1x super comfy inner cushion


It's remarkable quality also means that the outer velvety fabric is smooth to the touch, prioritizing comfort for your Haiwan! Bonus: the base of our Unicorn Pet Nest has tiny little rubber grips, so they stay in place.