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AVA MARTINGALE Quick-release Metal Buckle Collar

AVA MARTINGALE starts from RM 179


S: RM 179

M: RM 189

L: RM 199

AVA MARTINGALE Quick-release Metal Buckle Collar

PriceFrom RM179.00

First of all, what is a martingale collar? They are excellent training tools to help your Haiwan learn to behave while walking on a leash. All it takes to correct your Haiwan’s behavior is a slight tug of the leash. The martingale collar will tighten, applying pressure to the Haiwan’s neck as he or she tries to pull, or strain against the leash. It allows for a method of aversion training designed to teach the Haiwan that his or her behavior is not acceptable. That being said, a limited martingale collar is not a choke chain. You can adjust the buckle on the collar to set a "limit" on how far you can slip down your Haiwan's neck, so it doesn't choke them, and only provides a gentle nudge in response to their behavior.


Designed by Lambwolf Collective, AVA MARTINGALE is a limited-slip collar that is 100% water and odour proof, with a quick-release cobra buckle for security. This training collar prevents your Haiwan from slipping out, and communicates by constricting when your Haiwan pulls on the leash.



The quick-release buckle keeps your dog secured when needed, but allows for easy removal in times of urgency.



This collar features 2 points of attachment, with one D ring on the martingale loop, and one D ring on the main body so that you can switch between training needs.



This design features a comfort-fit interior to avoid rubbing, and minimize pressure points on the skin and neck. This collar is made with Lambwolf's signature pliable and extremely soft vinyl coated nylon webbing.


- 100% waterproof and odor proof
- Rust resistant hardware
- Military grade metal buckle for extra security
- Solid cast D rings

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