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Every Haiwan is unique! Please follow our guide to ensure a good fit for your Haiwan. All measurements vary from one product to another - please refer to the measurements found on every individual product page.

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Measure around your Haiwan's neck using a cloth measuring tape, positioned where its collar sits.


Add 2 fingers between the measuring tape and your Haiwan's neck. This is the size you should purchase.


It's important to get your Haiwan's body girth, body length & neck girth right for a comfortable and unrestrained fit.


Body Girth: Measure the widest part of your Haiwan's ribcage.


Body Length: Measure from the base of your Haiwan's neck to the base of its tail.


Neck Girth: Measure the widest part of your Haiwan's neck.

Pet Beds / Nest

Match your Haiwan's measurements with our pet bed measurements on each individual product pages. The guide below is meant to provide a general idea - remember your Haiwan will not merely stand or sit in its bed / nest - it will curl or elongate its body as well! Pick the correct size you think is coziest for your Haiwan. If you need help, just click on our live chat button on the bottom right corner, or drop us an email at . We shall assist you as best we can!


Account for your Haiwan's height, and body length.

Account for your Haiwan's diameter as it curls up.


A happy Haiwan!

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