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BREUER Squeaker + Crinkle Tetrapod

BREUER Squeaker + Crinkle Tetrapod


Designed by Lambwolf Collective, BREUER is inspired by the minimalist shape of tetrapods, and named after Marcel Breuer, who is known for using prefabricated concrete in his architectural design. Built with the simple philosophy that form follows function, the shape is designed to stand up at all angles, and for an easy grip with paws.


Its corners are sized to massage the jaws easily. When rested, BREUER turns into a soft sculpture and decorates a contemporary home.


Available in 2 options, and 2 colours:

  • Cream: 4 squeakers are hidden in each corner.
  • Taupe: 2 squeakers + 2 crinkle clusters are hidden in the corners.


Key Points:

  • The soft and textured cotton on top of the corduroy fabric is gentle on your pet's mouth and ideal for active chewers
  • The double layer structure of the non-rip composite mesh backing below the soft corduroy fabric adds durability to the toy
  • All seams are double stitched, and reinforced for rough play
  • A tough embroidery brand tag is attached to the surface instead of on the side of seams to avoid tearing
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