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Cheese Cone

Cheese Cone


Traditional cones of shame are bulky, uncomfortable, and often results in nicks and cuts on your Haiwan's neck. It restricts their movements, results in an uncomfortable sleeping position, and most importantly - your Haiwan hates it.


Cheese Cone is soft and easy to sleep on! Your Haiwan might want to chew on it because it resembles their favourite plush toy. It doesn't cause any discomfort, and the neck's girth can be adjusted accordingly with it's drawstring and lock. Bonus: your Haiwan looks super cute - no one will think it has just underwent surgery!


Perfect for post-surgery care and to curb your Haiwan's self-chewing habit. Works just like the traditional cone of shame, but better. Cheese Cone is recommended for small Haiwans only!

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