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Egg Feeder Mat

Egg Feeder Mat


Is your Haiwan a messy eater? Some Haiwans (especially raw-fed Haiwans!) are prone to dragging their food out from their bowl, onto your floor, to chew and work through their meal. It can be quite a hassle for us to clean up after them - and that's where our Egg Feeder Mat comes in handy!


Crafted from food grade, baby safe, non-toxic silicone, it adds grip to your Haiwan's food bowl, and protects your floor from potential mess! It is equipped with 4.5mm of raised edge around the mat, so it catches solids, and even prevents liquid from spilling out. The mat itself is 1.5mm in thickness.


So easy to clean, and we dare say its adorable design can brighten up your Haiwan's meal time.

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