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FJOL Multipurpose Leash (Dijon)

FJOL Multipurpose Leash (Dijon)


FJOL comes with 1x DIVI. You may add on more DIVI, and turn FJOL into a 2 - 4 Haiwan leash.


This multipurpose leash is:

  • a single leash
  • a multi leash (with DIVI add on available) for up to 4 Haiwans
  • a traffic leash
  • a long leash


Beautifully paired with a solid wood handle (plus a bonus wooden accessory ring for poop bags), FJOL is ideal for small and medium non-pulling breeds. It is also crafted with solid brass hardware to match!


Each DIVI is adjustable, allowing you to lengthen or shorten your leash as you wish. It is crafted from cotton + poly blend, measuring at 2.5cm in width.

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