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Leather Tag


Leather Tag


This tag is not recommended for teething Haiwans, and Haiwans who chew on their tags obsessively, as it is not indestructible.


A beautiful, lightweight, bespoke leather tag - crafted especially for your Haiwan. Every batch differs due to the nature of the material. Choose from 3 leather finishes:

  • Natural Leather: This has little to no coating, and it is leather at its rawest form. Water stains can be detected immediately -  hence it is not recommended for Haiwans who like to get wet, or drools excessively.
  • Brown / Dark Brown Leather: Consists of a waxy outer coating, hence it is more water resistant. It is also easier to care for, as compared to natural leather.


Have your Haiwan's name (not more than 8 characters including spaces) stamped onto the leather to create your very own bespoke tag. The name will be presented in all capitals only, and is stamped solely by hand, hence imperfections are to be expected.


You may also add on your phone number on the underside of the tag (maximum of 10 numbers - no spaces), so you'll never lose your pet again! Your phone number will be stamped on meticulously, either with gold foil, or singed (burnt). The stamping method is highly dependent on our leather batch, as each batch will have different properties, hence behaves differently.


Current leather batch stamping method:

  • Natural Leather: Singed (Burnt)
  • Brown Leather: Gold Foil
  • Dark Brown Leather: Gold Foil


You shall be notifed if the leather batch changes after you'd placed your order, and you reserve the right to choose if you'll like to proceed.

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