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Lite Maxi Harness (Cornflower)

Lite Maxi Harness starts from RM 109


S: RM 109

M: RM 119

L: RM 129

Lite Maxi Harness (Cornflower)

PriceFrom RM109.00
Time for supersized fun! Gentle Pup's Lite Maxi Harness features a Y-shape design that simulates a leash-free experience for your Haiwans. Its innovative construct disperses pressure over your Haiwan’s body, which reduces strain on neck and back, while enabling unrestricted movement and play.


With 4 adjustable points, secure buckles, plus a front and back ring for leash-training and easy attachment - you can now enjoy both worry-free strolls and the occasional dog run bolt.


With fun colour combos that match any coat, this is one minimalist range that’s here to steal hearts in a big way - you’ll find yourself reaching for these go-to staples over and over again. Until you reach for another shade, of course. Available in Camelia, Taro, Cornflower, and Pistachio. Matching collar and leash available as well!

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