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Purple Wide Leather Collar

Starts from RM 179


XS: RM 179 (RM 199 with stamping)

S: RM 189 (RM 209 with stamping)

M: RM 199 (RM 219 with stamping)

L: RM 209 (RM 229 with stamping)

XL: RM 219 (RM 239 with stamping)

Purple Wide Leather Collar

PriceFrom RM179.00

This beautiful Purple Leather Collar is a must-have. Combined with gold hardware, it will give your Haiwan the fab touch all day, every day!


The wideness of C.O.S.'s collars is good for many different breeds, and it's not catered exclusively to sighthounds only. The width of the collars gives good support and protection on your Haiwan's neck and windpipe, with a wider surface area to spread out the force, and helps to prevent injuries.


It gives a more comfortable feeling, and less strangulation as compared to a thin collar - which in turn means your Haiwan is less stressed, and is less likely to pull.


Optional add on for RM 20, you'll get:

  • Your Haiwan's initial debossed onto the front of the collar, near the side (1 character). The initial will be presented in capitals only.
  • Your phone number debossed onto the back of the collar (maximum of 11 numbers - no spaces), so you'll never lose your pet again! Due to mould limitations, the same number cannot be repeated more than 6 times.


This is stamped solely by hand, hence imperfections are to be expected.

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