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Satellite Cone

Satellite Cone starts from RM 85


S: RM 85

M: RM 95

L: RM 105

XL: RM 115

Satellite Cone

PriceFrom RM85.00
Out of Stock

Traditional cones of shame are bulky, uncomfortable, and often results in nicks and cuts on your Haiwan's neck. It restricts their movements, results in an uncomfortable sleeping position, and most importantly - your Haiwan hates it.


This revolutionary cone is lightweight yet secure, and allows you to flip it up or down based on your Haiwan's needs. Mess-free feeding? Yes please! Post-surgery care made comfortable, and fashionable. The fabric is cool to the touch and showerproof, yet still breathable.


Works just like the traditional cone of shame, but better. Comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L, & XL! Adjustable via drawstring and velcro.

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