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Sense Pet Deodorising Spray


Sense Pet Deodorising Spray

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Don’t let pet odour ruin the chances of a playdate or a walk when it’s damp outside. A few spritzes will keep your furry friends smelling fresh between baths! The earthy scent and calming properties of cedarwood leave your pets feeling relaxed and ready to rumble. 


Sense Pet Deodorising Spray is the perfect partner-in-crime to keep your Gotefriend smelling fresh after walks, playdates or just rolling around in the sun—especially if they’re not into baths. Gentle on pets, tough on parasites. 


Yeast, bacteria or parasites may cause your furry friends to stink, especially when damp. This handy must-have counters the need for excessive bathing that will lead to skin irritation by eliminating bacteria and repelling mites, fleas and ticks. 

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