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Teeth Party

Teeth Party


The long awaited Teeth Party is now here! This beautiful feeder is available in two designs, and five colours: Sunset, Smog, Moss, Coral, and Ultraviolet (new!).


Teeth Party (Bowl): 4.5cm deep - specially crafted for Haiwans with big appetites! It is also suitable for Haiwans with long snouts. Works great as a water bowl as well!


Teeth Party (Plate): An extended 16cm diameter - specially crafted for Haiwans with flat faces, to prevent whisker fatigue. Also, no more food moustaches!


Every bowl / plate is detachable from its base, making cleaning a breeze. Dine from a suitable height of 8.5cm to prevent straining! Crafted from food grade antimicrobial ABS.

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