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Yeezy Paws

Yeezy Paws


Finally, a pair of good looking, breathable, and functional booties for your Haiwan.


The bottom half of this bootie is covered with a soft latex sole, perfect for hiking, or a rainy day walk. The top half is breathable, and can be worn for your Haiwan as easy as wearing a sock, with its secure elastic placement, and laces for extra security!


Comes in a set of 4, and available in 7 different sizes to fit all Haiwans. Be sure to check out your Haiwan's fit before purchasing - details and how-tos are provided in the photos.


We do not recommend Yeezy Paws for Haiwans who are prone to dragging their paws during walks, as this is a soft sole shoe, and may be worn out faster than normal use.

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