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NOU Open-ended Play Object

NOU Open-ended Play Object


At the studio, these are the design questions Lambwolf Collective had: how can one toy stay interesting for longer, or how can it be played differently every time? How can this object be a Haiwan thing, but also a human thing? How can its form challenge the Haiwan, but also our own creativity? NOU is that answer.


Designed by Lambwolf Collective, NOU is a play object designed for both your Haiwan and you. To make it fun, the object invites you to be creative too, in making various shapes. NOU can be a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope. It also works like an enrichment toy - treats can be hidden in the knots, and rewarded when your Haiwan successfully unknots them. If one NOU is too easy for your Haiwan, you can always level up, and make more complicated shapes with two or three NOU!


Available in 3 options, and 5 colours:

  • Squeaky Corduroy NOU (Cream / Taupe): 4 squeakers are hidden in various spots along the NOU, and your Haiwan can enjoy the fun of getting to more squeakies when unknotting the play object. These are made with furniture grade corduroy fabric to add texture, and conceal the placement of the squeakies. We suggest this NOU if your Haiwan is an enthusiastic chewer.
  • Crinkle Knit NOU (Grey / Charcoal): Multiple clusters of crinkle paper that make noise when crunched are placed along the NOU for those water bottle lovers! A softer nylon infused knit is used for the crinkle NOUs.
  • Silent Knit NOU (Tan): This is designed for Haiwans who love to destroy anything that makes noise, but still enjoy playing with enrichment toys.


Key Points:

  • The soft fabric is gentle on your Haiwan's mouth, and ideal for active chewers
  • The delicate texture not only protects your Haiwan's mouth, but also avoids damage to the teeth and gum
  • All seams are double stitched, and reinforced for rough play
  • The double layer structure of the non-rip composite mesh backing below the soft corduroy fabric makes the toy extremely durable


Size up with O NOU. Size down with NOUNOU & NOUNOUNOU.

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