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O NOU Open-ended Play Object

O NOU Open-ended Play Object

At the studio, these are the design questions Lambwolf Collective had: how can one toy stay interesting for longer, or how can it be played differently every time? How can this object be a Haiwan thing, but also a human thing? How can its form challenge the Haiwan, but also our own creativity? O NOU is that answer.


Are you ready for some oversized fun? O NOU is double the size of the NOU, and is an oversized play objects not just for larger breeds, but for any Haiwan who would enjoy some oversized fun! Designed by Lambwolf Collective, O NOU is a play object designed for both your Haiwan and you. To make it fun, the object invites you to be creative too, in making various shapes. O NOU can be a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope. It also works like an enrichment toy - treats can be hidden in the knots, and rewarded when your Haiwan successfully unknots them. If one O NOU is too easy for your Haiwan, you can always level up, and make more complicated shapes with two or three O NOU!


O NOU is made with furniture grade teddy bear fur fabric that brings an extra coziness. The plush, along with a thick curly pile, adds a lush surface to the fun mix of the variety of textures already in the collection.


Available in 1 option, and 3 colours:

  • Super Squeaker Teddy Plush O NOU (Sage / Mauve / Oat): Not only is O NOU supersized - it is also filled with two super squeakers at both its ends! These super squeakers are larger, bottle-shaped squeakers with thicker walls. They are made to endure chewing by larger breeds, yet also add extra fun for all as they produce different squeaking sounds when chewed at different angles!


Key Points:

  • The teddy bear fur fabric is backed by an extra thick nylon-infused composite layer to prevent the fabric from tearing
  • The soft nylon infused knit fabric is gentle on your Haiwan's mouth, and ideal for active chewers
  • The delicate texture not only protects your Haiwan's mouth, but also avoids damage to the teeth and gum
  • All seams are double stitched, and reinforced for rough play


Size down with NOUNOUNOU, NOUNOU & NOU.

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